Calling all geriatric dogs and cats!
Is your pet 8 years or older?

Older pets are at risk of a wide range of diseases that often prevent very slowly and symptoms are often mistaken for 'old age' rather than disease.

Additionally diseases such as early renal failure, early liver failure and high blood pressure often are asymptomatic until the disease is advanced.

Discovering and treating these diseases early dramatically improves the prognosis and life span of your geriatric pet.

We will be offering a free consultation for geriatric patients. This will include:
- Weight check.
- Full clinical examination.
- Blood pressure check.
- Urine sample check (please attempt to bring a urine sample less than 1 hour old with you to your pets appointment - not all patients will 'perform' once in the clinic environment!).
- Discussion on arthritis prevention/treatments.

Optional extras:
- Mini blood profile to test for Diabetes/Renal disease/Liver disease. Please ensure patient starved for 12hours before blood sampling.
- Fine needle aspirate cytology to check superficial 'lumps'.

Please enquire about cost of optional extra's

Please note each geriatric patient qualifies for a maximum of 1 free geriatric consult per year.