Abby's Lung Lobe Removal


Abby had a history of coughing and laboured breathing unresponsive to medical management. Chest radiographs revealed a growth in one of her left lung lobes. Pathology tests were unclear as to the source of the growth and Abby's owners took the decision to have the lobe removed. Led by surgeon Dr Lucy James and anaesthetis Dr Pam Browell, the entire St Francis team worked together to perform open chest surgery to remove the diseased lobe. As soon as the lobe was removed Abby's breathing improved and she never looked back! Following a short stay in hospital Abby returned home and her owners report that it is like having their puppy again.

Histopathology confirmed a primary lung cancer in the lobe, however since the entire tumour was removed and no spread was evident we are hopeful for Abby continuing to live a normal life for the foreseeable future.