Lola, a 10 year old Ridgeback dog, came to us in January as she had been vomiting, reluctant to eat and was much quieter than normal. On examination we found that Lola had fluid in her abdomen. This fluid was bloody when a sample was taken. After repeated scans and tests a tumour was diagnosed in her spleen. Lola was stabilised and her spleen surgically removed. Unfortunately Lola developed complications which can be secondary to her condition-she developed an abnormally high and irregular heart rate which needed intensive management and treatment . After 2 days her heart stabilised and she made marked improvements. Lola's tumour was diagnosed by a pathologist as an aggressive malignant haemangiosarcoma and even though we could see no other signs of spread at the time of her surgery, her prognosis is guarded even with follow-up treatment.

Presently Lola is with her family in Pretoria and is doing OK although she spends alot of her time resting.