Ruby Rose is a 11/2 year old Irish Terrier who recovered from severe complicated Biliary (Tick Bite Fever) 2 months ago.

Ruby's initial symptoms were fairly typical for biliary-she was lethargic, not that interested in food and had a high temperature. Initial blood tests, however, were normal. Biliary treatment can only be given once a positive diagnosis of the parasite has been made. With repeated testing we first found Erlichia (Also a tick-borne parasite similar to human tick bite fever) and a day later found Biliary. Ruby was given the appropriate treatment for both conditions and we were relieved to have a diagnosis and expected a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately Ruby's immune system turned on her and started destroying all of her own red blood cells. It took two blood transfusions, lots of medications and TLC and a week in hospital before Ruby was able to go home with her owners who took over her medication and care.

Ruby made a full recovery - much of this can be contributed to her will to live and her owner's dedication.